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Tewkesbury Roofing Services

Here’s some of the Roofing Services we provide.

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A pitched roof is a roof that slopes downwards. Typically with two, three, or four sides.

Roof tiles are used to keep the rain out of your property. Traditionally made from local materials such as stone and slate. Modern tiles are typically made from concrete.

Tiled roofs have a life span of approximately 60 to 70 years

Roof Repairs

  • Roof mortar repairs
  • Roof Treatment and Coating
  • Roof moss Cleaning
  • Finlock Concrete Gutter Repairs and Lining
  • High Capacity Guttering Systems
  • Loft Ventilation
  • Loft Condensation Problems
  • Tile Vents – Ridge Ventilation Systems
  • Soffit Vents
  • Exterior Masonry Painting
  • Exterior Wood Painting and Staining
  • Repointing work
  • Insurance Work
  • Storm Damage
Flat Roofs
The average life span of a flat roof is between 10 to 15 years.

Some telltale signs a flat roof requires replacing are tears cracks and exposed timber, bubbling and that means a felt roof fitted between 2000 and 2010 could be near its end of life and need replacing before it causes you problems such as water ingress and water damage.

This can lead to expensive repairs to internal features such as ceiling carpets and furniture. If at all possible it is always advisable to get it replaced before you actually have a leak.

Rubber Roofs

What is a flat roof?
A flat roof is classed as 1 to 10 degrees but can it can go as high as 12 .5 degrees.

Are rubber roofs better than felt roofs?
ETHYLENE PROPYLENE DIENE MONOMER more company known as EPDM flat roofing systems.

We have been fitting EPDM Rubber roofs for a number of years. So if you are asking if a rubber roof better than a felt roof in our experience the answer is yes.

How long should a flat roof last…

Rubber roofs have a very long life span which is as long as 50 years.
Felt t flat roofs have a life span of between 10 and 15 years.

Is a rubber roof good?

Unlike felt flat roofs RUBBER roofs do not mark easily, crack or warp in the sun.

Rubber roofs are lightweight, Durable, Fire resistant to reflect heat, and have some insulating properties. They are also recyclable so good for the environment.

Another major advantage is the lack of seams needed with an EPDM flat roof.
In many cases, there will be no seams at all. If any are required it would be far less than on a felt roof. This means far fewer places for a possible leak in the future.

Where would you use the EPDM rubber roof system?

Extension roof, dormer, single and double garage roofs, also outbuildings.

Chimney Stack Repairs

Chimneys stacks are the part of the chimney that appears on the other side of the roof, not the part that is inside your property

Often neglected as they are normally at the top of your roof and not always looked at by the homeowner or landlord.
Due to their positioning on the roof, they can be heavily weathered and suffer from storm damage over time.

If unchecked this can lead to more expensive additional repairs being required.
Chimney stacks often require repointing if they are a number of years old and un-maintained.
Chimney pots and flaunching also need maintenance at some point.


  • Cracked missing or weathered mortar joints
  • Spalling damaged bricks
  • Leaning chimney pots
  • Signs of mortar debris on the ground or roof local to the chimney
  • Lifted damaged lead flashing
  • Damaged rendering, cracks, and missing render.
  • Weathered or missing flaunching – Flaunching is mortar on the top of the chimney stack that holes the pots I place.
    Flaunching also stops water ingress to the top bricks of the stack
Roof Leaks
Roof leaks can happen for a large number of reasons.

Neglect and lack of general maintenance can be a big fracture on any roof over 20 years old.

Other reasons for leaks can be out of your hands such as storm damage.

Whether your property is a few years old or 70 years plus years old leaks can happen.

As a guide, most tiled pitch roofs have a life span of about 60 to 70 years.

That means if your property was built around 1960 or before.

You could be looking at a new roof to ensure you don’t have any problems in the near future

At a minimum, you should make sure the roof looks sound and in good condition.

Tiles are in place unbroken with good roof mortar.

From inside your loft, you can check the condition of the Roofing felt also known as Roofing underlay.

Roofing Felt

Roofing felt also known as roofing or tile underlay.

Is situated underneath the roof tiles and secured on top of the timber roof rafters

Its main purpose is to reduce the wind loading tiles.

All modern homes are build using roofing felt. This was not always the case and there are still some properties around that don’t have any tile underlay.


Roofing felt also stops water from entering the loft space and then causing water damage as water should run down the roof and exit at the eves.

If the felt is not in good condition with holes or rips this will not happen and lead to water damage.

The life span of tile underlay is approximately 25 year

Bituminous roof felt is a waterproof sheeting.

It is made from bitumen which comes from crude oil that is then either mixed with sand or crushed sand.

Modern roofing felt has a life span of approximately 35 years

Breather membranes are made from Polyethylene polypropylene

Things that can go wrong are

  • Slipped ridge or hip tiles
  • Roof valleys with mortar debris visible
  • Cracked missing verge mortar
  • Missing or cracked tiles
  • Damaged or ripped tile underlay visible from the loft area
  • Lifted or slipped lead work
Concrete Gutter Lining
Concrete guttering was first used on domestic properties in the 1950s till roughly 1970. Given the life space of concrete guttering is about 30 years many properties guttering will be in great need of attention. If the gutter has been maintained in the past.

There is a high chance it can be re-lined using a liquid fiberglass coating, giving it an extended lease of life.
The product we use is long-lasting, flexible, clean looking, and cheaper than removing the concrete guttering which is very costly in comparison

The reasons concrete gutters leak can be from neglect and lack of maintenance.
Blockages can easily form stopping the flow of rainwater leading to standing water. Over time if the concrete gutter is not lined this can damage the joints allowing water penetration into your property.

A little about Derek Taylor Tewkesbury roofing services

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Did you know, as part of our Property Maintenance services, we also provide expert Driveway CleaningRepointing services, and Painting & Decorating.
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